Kristina Smith

So, here is how I ended up with Sheila:

I work as a public health nurse, so I know a thing or two about babies and I have lots of textbooks. I was more than capable of reading everything under the sun about pregnancy and birth. I thought that perhaps it would be best for me to just continue to see my family doctor, since I didn't think I needed much hand-holding, but something inside kept telling me that I wanted my pregnancy and birth experience to be special. I wanted more than a quick 10 minute how are you, pee in a cup, and see you next time! I wanted a connection with the person who would usher my child-to-be into the world. I wanted Sheila, after all! I am so glad that I went with a registered midwife. I received the best care possible. I was fortunate to have both Sheila and Gaelyn - 2 for the price of one! I was not only blessed with a healthy baby boy (Nathan James), but also blessed to have a positive birth experience, due to the amazing expertise and emotional support provided through midwifery care.

Kristiina Smith