Jessica Dubois

Dear Reader,

This is how I came to know Sheila Jagger and Oceangrove Midwifery Care.

I knew I was pregnant so I went to confirm with my doctor. I was so excited to tell him! Then I did…This was the reply, "Come back in 12 weeks if you have not miscarried." I was so sad.

Then next day was I telling a friend about my doctor's office experience. She told me to go see Sheila. So I took her advice. ( I did not realize that my medical coverage covered all of my visits.)

Still to this day I have a warm feeling when I think of my second child birth. Even though it was not traditional, (c- section), Sheila was there with me and my husband.

I love Sheila, and she truly helped me and my family. I would encourage anyone to see Sheila and her staff at Oceangrove Midwifery Care.


Jessica DuBois