Bev Schulte

Dear Mother - to - be,

It is hard to find a place to begin when describing our experience with Sheila and Ocean Grove Midwifery Care. At first thought - we felt there was a more personal interaction between us and our caregivers. There is no hectic doctor's office with long waits for a short appointment. You have the opportunity to ask all those nagging questions in a comfortable, low pressure environment where the focus is on maintaining mother's health and developing a strong, well nourished baby prior to delivery.

On - going support for individual issues and a resource library are available for informing yourself or refreshing your memory on issues relating to newborns or techniques used during child birth.

It also impressed my husband and I that Sheila actively promotes the education and training of students in the field of midwifery care. We are both from a technical background in forestry and had to get our start within the industry mentoring under people like Sheila who want to maintain and ensure the quality of individuals entering the industry. Candice, a midwifery student from UBC, helped bring our son Markus into the world and she is absolutely amazing!!!!

Post delivery and home care is also a large part of the services provided by Ocean Grove Midwifery Care. It was great to not have to shuttle Markus around for doctor or health unit appointments right at the beginning of his new life - not to mention for mom too!!!

In closing, my husband and I can not say enough about the relaxed, friendly and personalized care that we received through Ocean Grove Midwifery Care. We will help educate others on our experiences and refer expecting parents we know to go and meet Sheila and see what she has to offer!!


Bev, Bernie, Heidi and Markus Schulte