Skidegate, Haida Gwaii BC

I was honoured enough to have Sheila for all three of my birth's. From the first with Ava-Beth, Sheila was just starting out and I found myself writing empassioned pleas to hospital board members, MLA"s anyone that would listen so Sheila would be able to have hosptial priviledges, with my second a scant 21 months later, a hurried trip to Comox for my VBAC with Brynna and Sheila unable to ride in the ambulance with me because she gets car sick, then another 22 months later with Chayla. This my last baby another quick VBAC, I believe Sheila had three births in 24 hrs that crazy July, she was also there from me when my mom passed one month before the last baby was born. Again by my side when on the ferry home to Haida Gwaii I postpartumed hemmoraged and had a long 18 hr trip getting back from Bella Bella to the Campbell River hospital for a D&C.

I am now a perinatal educator on Haida Gwaii all because of the phenomenal care I recieved from Sheila and the other midwives. Sheila is my mentor and for anyone having a baby anywhere in BC my first comment after congratulations is have you thought about a midwife?

Michelle, Godfrey, Ava-Beth, Brynna and Chayla Williams
Skidegate , Haida Gwaii BC